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Phi Kappa Sigma is one of the oldest fraternities on campus. We have held a proud tradition of excellence for nearly 100 years since our founding in 1919. Phi Kappa Sigma has since fostered the success of thousands of young men at the University of Washington. We prioritize and achieve academic excellence.


Phi Kappa Sigma hosts a large diversity of majors that can all benefit from exceptional academic resources. We have an elected scholarship chair responsible for monitoring and aiding brothers in their academic pursuits. This chair alerts members to upcoming campus study resources and coordinates upperclassmen of similar majors to mentor struggling brothers. He also maintains and updates a private online database of study files accessible to members. These study files contain past homework, lab reports, projects, midterms and finals categorized by course. In addition, we receive outside support from our active alumni base in the form of annual scholarships. Phi Kappa Sigma consistently maintains a high GPA standing that sits above the University all men’s average.

Business Skills

Phi Kappa Sigma is a business run by its members. The house maintains order with a democratic system of elected positions and processes. Members have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and gain exposure to small scale politics and economics. Business management and budgeting skills give Phi Kaps a head start on the corporate world. Every year, our officers are personally responsible for budgeting and spending $360,000 of house funds to maintain and further develop our chapter. From hiring plumbers to purchasing party decorations, most daily finances are handled personally by our members. These pertinent financial decisions give relevant insight into running a business and expose our members to useful life skills.


Brotherhood is also a priority at the Phi Kappa Sigma. Our medium size of approximately sixty members allows a personal connection to be made between each and every brother. With about 25% of the house involved in leadership positions, our medium size also give a chance for any motivated member to step up and make a difference in the house. Phi Kappa Sigma’s brotherhood is lifelong commitment.

Basic Info

Although cost varies year to year, it always floats around $2650 per quarter. This includes our meal plan. Living in the dorms can cost up to $4600 per quarter! (rates from 2013-14 academic year) In addition, older members in the house get their housing bill discounted. Juniors and seniors receive a 25% and 50% discount respectively. There are also paid positions within the fraternity including the dish boy who can earn $300 a quarter for approximately 1 hour of work per week. Phi Kappa Sigma also offers tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year at a national and local level.

Phi Kappa Sigma offers significant living discounts when compared to the dorms. Dorm living expenses can exceed $4000 a quarter with even the smallest meal plans. Our all inclusive live-in plan costs only $2750 a quarter. This includes two hot meals served 5 days a week, access to house commodities (pool, sauna, commercial weight room etc.), and a lively social schedule. Members have the opportunity to lower these costs even further. Our dishboy position is the highest paid in the state of Washington and hired members can make up to $25/hour. In addition, many leadership positions receive housing discounts for their work. Phi Kappa Sigma also subsidizes its members academic and living expenses with tens of thousands of dollars of need and merit based scholarships offered through the national and local chapters.


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